Our Client Testimonials

$8,224.97 — First Month Of Launch, 4.4X Return On Ad Spend

$145,299.36 — 7 Days, 7.74X Return On Ad Spend

All done through a set of consistent and actionable steps

  • Complete Audit – Audits are essential towards us being able to pinpoint exactly what issues we’ll be facing and eliminating them, this is crucial before we attempt to scale your brand as we need to remove any chance of losing revenue.
  • Client/Customer Avatar – By conducting extensive research through multiple mediums, we’re able to find your ideal customer or client and present them with an irresistible offer, allowing us to create hyper targeted and specific funnels that increase conversions and curate loyalty for your brand.
  • Remain Ahead of the Curve – Our clients remain ahead of the game by implementing our methodologies and consistently high-performing strategies within their advertising campaigns, prioritising direct response copywriting and creatives that cause pattern-disrupting behaviour amongst target audiences.

“With WeScale Digital, we have been able to grow even bigger than we thought we could! We smashed our yearly goal in only 4 months! Really wish we came across them earlier.”

— Jenny S., client of WeScale Digital

Predictably Scaling Beyond 6-Figures in 14 Days

$184,914.83 — 14 Days, 5.33X Return On Ad Spend

This  brand came to us back in November 2020 and they were working with an agency who were not breaking even on their ads. We performed an audit on their account to outline the issues and then we mapped out a strategy for them.

Our Customised Strategy

Dynamic Ad Formats: Vertical Instagram stories did well to break through the noise alongside setting up the product data feed and launching dynamic product ads.

Multi-touch Retargeting: for MOF and BOF customers, we built and implemented a complex re-engagement funnel using email lists which resulted in a 7X ROAS and 11X ROAS respectively within a CBO campaign.

Campaign Management: continuous TOF ad campaign testing resulted in a 3X ROAS for cold audiences coupled with alternative lookalikes and custom audiences for TOF and BOF campaigns.

ScaleWithSales Program: by using our bespoke account growing and scaling methods we were able to launch our full funnel within 2 days of the strategy call and achieve a progressive increase in ROAS.

Client Update: We are now working on scaling their campaign having built the foundations to advertise profitably.

Our HyperScale Program Client Results!


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