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Our Ethos

At WeScale Digital we aspire to bring the utmost service to any  business that is a great fit to work with us, we pride ourselves on delivering premium quality service efficiently and swiftly, which is evident from our onboarding, strategy formation, creation, launch, optimisation and scaling.

All whilst forming meaningful relationships along the way with brands we know we can make a lasting impact upon.

It’s common to find businesses with negative past experiences with agencies. Most agencies of today are severely disorganised, offer package deals with services unnecessary to the advancement of your business, run all types of campaigns which end up having little-to-no ROAS, and don’t have solid systems and processes in place to scale your business.

We understand and empathise with your possible shortcomings from previous experiences and are emphatic towards our clients and their needs, we hold results and client satisfaction as our main priorities at all times, as we want to make sure we make a permanent impression on your brand.

Why Your Business Needs Facebook Advertising


Find your customers through the most advanced targeting techniques in the world.


With two billion people now on Facebook, there is pretty much a guarantee that your audience is on there.​


Facebook and Instagram deliver some of the highest ROI out of all the available marketing channels.


People are spending more time on Facebook than any other platform. You need to be in front of them.


Due to the size and data available on Facebook, volume of traffic is not an issue!

Help & Support

Providing Best Updates and Support to our clients 24/7.We Generate regular reports and keep our clients updated!

We offer an amazing Facebook Advertising service

Discovery & Research

We will take the time to understand your business, objectives and target audience so that we can find you the best opportunities on Facebook.

Professional Facebook Advertiser

You will be assigned a professional Facebook advertiser who is highly trained and well-equipped to manage and scale your ad account.

Campaign Planning

Our team will put together a clear and concise campaign plan that will demonstrate how we can meet and exceed your expectations.

Website Remarketing

We will setup and optimise website remarketing adverts so that you are able to maximise the results from your existing and new traffic.

Targeted Audiences

Through your existing data, website traffic, or Facebook’s own tools we will build highly targeting and relevant audiences for your campaigns.

Tracking & Analytics

We will ensure that the Facebook pixel, tracking and analytics are all set up correctly so that you get the most accurate data about every penny you spend.

Testing & Optimization

We will test different audiences, creatives, ad placements and many more features inside the ad account to ensure we get the best results.

Growth and Scaling

We have the expertise and experience to grow and scale ad accounts to ensure you get continued success no matter how much you are spending.

If you’re interested in working with our team then get in touch now to speak to a Facebook Advertising professional.

The Facebook Family of Apps

Instagram Advertising Services

Instagram has become an incredibly powerful platform and is not to be missed in the marketing mix. We can develop and manage a robust Instagram advertising campaign that will get incredible results.

Facebook Advertising Services

Facebook is widely regarded as one of the best advertising platforms available. The targeting precision, the creative variety and the ability to find customers en masse makes it incredibly powerful.

Messenger Marketing Services

Messaging Apps have taken over the world and have quickly become some of the most powerful and popular apps around. These apps have not only transformed the way we speak to each other, but also the way that businesses connect with and nurture their customers.

Facebook Full Funnel Solution

Ad solutions across the Facebook Family!

Get The Best Results with Facebook Advertising

We get great results for our clients. 

Our main focus as an agency is to ensure that we get the best Facebook and Instagram advertising results for our clients. We focus on results every day.

This could be growing your brand, hitting lead generation targets or smashing a sales target. We’re a data-driven company and let the numbers do the talking.

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